Natural campsite

After a fantastic first summerseason in 2020, the new season has started on the 1st of April! Slowly the leaves on the trees are growing and it is getting fresh green, hopefully the sun and warmth are coming soon.

Attention: some weekends are fully booked: 14-16th of May; 22-24th of May and 4-6th of June. So no availability on these day.

On our natural campsite we have 8 places for tents and 1 spot for a small camperbus. Due to the soft peat soil there is no space for big campers and caravans. You can find the cosy spots around the old farmhouse under the fruittrees, on a small peninsula or next to the vegetable garden. There is also a small fireplace, a stable with fridge, oven, books and some boardgames.

There is good news for people without a tent; we have a ready-to-sleep tent for 2 persons with big mattress, small kitchen, picknickplace and 2 nice chairs. And there also is an empty tent where 4 persons can sleep. So now worries or sweating; you just bring your sleepingbag and ready.

We are an official natural campsite (natuurkampeerterrein) connected to the Groene Koepel; which means you need the Natural Camping Card. If needed you can buy this at our place (€15,95) and with this card you can visit 135 Natural campsite in the Netherlands (134)/Belgium (1)/France (11). You can also book your stay through Campspace.

On Saturday it is Pizzaday on Buitengoed Ta Fête. You can make you own pizza and bake it in the pizza oven. If you like to join, please let us know in advance!